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Herniated Discs & Depression

herniated disc

Does your disc herniation make you feel sad and depressed? As with any type of pain, chronic back pain can become quite complex and start affecting the psyche sooner or later.

This article is mainly reflection of the messages and comments by many of our followers related to the impact their disc issues have on their mental health and balance.

Sharing your feelings with people who listen and empathize can be a tremendous help. At the bottom of this page you’ll find some discussions about depression related to herniated discs. Feel free to participate or starting your own discussion in the comments section below.

What are the Most Common Factors for Feeling Down?

1. The Pain

The most important and direct factor that can lead to frustrations and depression seems to be the pain itself, which often results from the disc herniation.

“How do people go on everyday with this much pain? I also have a high pain tolerance, this is unbearable. ” ~Stella

2. Loss of valued activities

Being in pain can make it difficult to enjoy your favorite activities and hobbies. It drains your energy and leads to loss of motivation, often making it difficult to even get dressed to leave the house.

“I’m going into my 3rd year of chronic pain – my back has recently got worse, I ended up in hospital for 4 days. I now can’t work or ride my beautiful horse, I use to ride everyday. I’m so down & nothing gets rid of the pain… I’m only 44 feel 94, I’m stuck at home & can’t do anything ” ~Karen

“I get so depressed because I’m use to exercising everyday & being active. Now some days I can’t even get dressed on my own or move. This is a very hard thing to deal with.” ~Julie

3. Withdrawal from social life

The symptoms associated with herniated discs can also impact on daily activities, such as socializing with friends and loved ones.

“I haven’t talked to my dr about this yet but I’m not the same anymore nothing brings me joy like before. My sense of humor is gone . Most days I like to lay around and marinate on how crappy my life is.” ~Sandy


4. Lack of credibility from friends and family

One of the things that hurts the most is not being heard or understood by those closest to the sufferers.  Not having their feelings validated or taken serious by their loved ones can be extremely frustrating.

5. Perceived indifference by medical practitioners

Many times there is no proper diagnosis due to lack of time, since most doctors only have a certain amount of time for each patient. As a result, many back pain sufferers feel not heard, misunderstood, and ignored.

“I feel like Dr’s just sort of get fed up because I’m always dealing with one back issue or another. It IS frustrating! I’m SO frustrated by the lack of help and/or compassion for what it is like to live with a back like this day in and out. My entire life is basically centered around my back and my pain level that day.” ~Natasha

“I wonder if many of the healthcare professionals become desensitized to people with chronic pain.” ~Shannon

6. Side effects from pain medication

With all the things going on at the same time, it’s not easy to recognize how much of the frustration is due to the impact of the medication. But one thing is certain: the drugs certainly play their part and facilitate the negative feelings.

I would say to a degree it’s depressing (partly due to tablets which may cause that), but in my case mostly frustration as to not being able to do your normal lifestyle.” ~Beccy


7. Worries about money and about the future

Many people worry about the loss of income due to not being able to work. Others are anxious because they don’t know how to pay for their treatments or even what treatment to go for, not to mention the fear of the treatments and surgery.

“I don’t have insurance so been paying out of pocket. Health care system at the hospital approved Mr for a program where any medically necessary procedure was covered for 6 months. At last minute they can celled my surgery and now no one will return my phone calls. Pain is so bad I can’t walk without using cruthches, to keep me from falling. Have to have help doing everything. I went from needing surgery immediately to being ignored….I’m mad at the world at moment. I can’t take this pain any longer. Crying with every step is not fun. Especially at work..frustrated, mad, depressed, sad..yup I got it all…” ~Julie

Experiences with Depression and Herniated Discs

Other than maintainig a balanced diet, exercising, and counseling, talking to other people who can relate to your situation can go a long way. Here are some of the questions and answers by our readers and followers related to herniated discs and their psychological impact.


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