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Acupuncture as Treatment for Herniated Discs


A patient being treated with  acupuncture moxibustion in Nelson, New Zealand by Charlotte Stuart MAc RNWhen it comes to the pain relief, acupuncture can be a very effective alternative treatment option for herniated back disc patients.

In many cases, this traditional Chinese technique can relieve in a natural way the back pain that is caused by the herniation.

Below you will find an interesting and very detailed article that talks about acupuncture and its benefits for herniated spinal discs.



Herniated Disc – Try Acupuncture

By Peter C Johnson

If you have experimented with the more standard herniated spinal disc treatments, and wish to try something new, it may be well worth considering the traditional Chinese therapy of acupuncture. Acupuncture is perhaps the most popular form of traditional oriental medicine, and it has proven to be quite effective for treatment of a slipped disc and the sciatic pain associated. Further to this the acupuncture can also relieve spinal stenosis, lower back pain, spine root compression, neck pain, neuropathy and other irritating and debilitating diseases.

In some cases Chinese herbs and acupuncture have been proven to be more effective, less risky and less invasive in comparison to more common forms of treatment for a herniated back disc such as surgery and oral steroids. Side effects associated with drugs for treating a bulging disc is a common reason for people experimenting with acupuncture.

Acupuncture tends to be even more effective when it is utilized upon the onset of the initial symptoms of a disc herniation such as back spasms and cramps. If the condition is more severe, often acupuncture will be teamed with traditional Chinese herbal remedies to assist in the recovery process. Further to this the longer lasting effects of acupuncture are realized through combining the treatment with physical therapy and exercises. When acupuncture is delivered correctly there can also be additional benefits for the patient- such as an improvement in mood and less fatigue.



It is very important for one’s recommended doctor or physician to assess the degree of damage involved in the affected disc and associated sciatica pain, before considering acupuncture as an effective treatment for the herniation.

It is a frightening statistic that more than half of the US adult population experience or are affected by sciatica pain. It is that burning pain from the lower back down to the feet caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve resulting in most instances in a bulging disc. The normal reaction for sufferers of a herniating disc and sciatic pain is too improve the posture and walk and site more upright. This however can increase the pressure on the problem area, resulting in further discomfort. It is quite common that, with age and poor nutrition, the back bone and its muscles and other essential body parts deteriorate and breakdown, and factors like overexertion, accidents, diseases, and bad posture all result in back problems.

Acupuncture as a slipped disc treatment when performed as early as possible has been shown to rapidly improve recovery time and ease sciatica pain significantly. Research has shown that the acupuncture stimulates the damaged area of the spine creating naturally occurring steroids encouraging it to repair and producing valuable endorphins in the body. In this natural way the swelling is minimized and the pain of the herniation is eased. This dual effect from the acupuncture is why is can be so effective

The benefits of acupuncture often vary from patient to patient and are also very dependent on the person administering the acupuncture. Always seek you doctor or physician’s advice before getting acupuncture treatment for a slipped disc and sciatica pain. Acupuncture is certainly a far more positive option for treating a disc herniation than surgery and more serious oral steroids.

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