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McKenzie Exercises For Herniated Spinal Discs


McKenzie exercises are an approved and very effective treatment method for herniating discs, if used in addition to other treatments.

Here’s an article that talks about the McKenzie method and how it can help relieve pain caused by a herniated back disc:


Herniated Discs May Respond to McKenzie Physical Therapy

By Sandra Mcfaul

Conservative treatment should always be the first port of call when someone has a prolapsed disc causing either back and leg pain or sciatica. This should also be the case if a patient is suffering from neck and arm pain. There are many forms of physical therapy (or physiotherapy) but one that is established, well-researched and proven is called the McKenzie Method or McKenzie Care.

The McKenzie Method was developed by New Zealand Physiotherapist Robin McKenzie in the 1950’s. Robin was treating a patient called Mr Smith. Mr Smith laid face down on a treatment table that had been left elevated from the previous patient. This meant Mr Smith had his back in an arched position which in the 1950’s was thought to be a dangerous position for people suffering back pain or bulging discs.



So what happened next? Mr Smith improved rapidly in this arched position with all his leg pain rapidly reducing with only pain experienced in the center of his back. He was actually the best he’d been in over 3 weeks. Robin then experimented with different movements and positions and slowly developed the method which bears his name.

The phenomenon of pain moving to the center of the back while lying in a certain position (as was experienced by Mr Smith) is now called centralization and is associated with a good outcome and means the patients will recover quickly. Research has shown centralization is associated with pain from disc herniation or disruption.

McKenzie therapists have undertaken extra post-graduate training provided by the McKenzie Institute International. The Institute’s website has a world-wide list of trained McKenzie therapist. However, many patients recover from their back pain just by reading Robin’s book “Treat Your Own Back.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sandra McFaul specializes in helping people get rid of chronic & recurrent back and neck pain using the McKenzie Method of Physiotherapy.

Sandra is 1 of 15 therapists in Australia and 1 of around 400 world-wide with ADVANCED training in the McKenzie Method. She is based at ATA…Physiotherapy that Empowers! Stanmore – the Inner West of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

To get instant access to information on herniating discs and McKenzie lumbar roll and books, go to: http://www.ataphysiotherapy.com.au

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sandra_Mcfaul




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